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Which CBD Oil Should I Choose?

We normally recommend that people start with our 5% CBD oil as this is the medium strength of our range and most people find that this is the place to be. However some people are very sensitive to CBD oil and therefore it is worth considering starting with the 3% oil if you are concerned about using a medium strength oil.

Most people find that they get the benefits from CBD oil by taking between 10 mg and 30 mg of CBD per day. Our 5% CBD oil has approximately 2.5 mg of CBD per drop, or 7.5mg CBD per spray.

This means that you can start with a very low dose of 3 to 5 drops per day, and then slowly work up until you reach 5 to 15 drops per day.

If you are using CBD oil in order to boost your health quite dramatically, perhaps because you are experiencing a serious health issue; then it is worth considering a stronger CBD product.

Our suggestions would be the following:

10% 1000mg CBD oil

We offer both dropper and spray bottles and it’s really a matter of choice which one you prefer. Some people like to place drops onto a spoon before they place it into the mouth so that they can mix in a little honey or other sweetener. Other people find that using the spray bottle is easier as you can simply spray the correct amount of CBD into your mouth under your tongue as you see fit.

The World Health Organisation stipulates that CBD is non-toxic, non-addictive, and non-psychoactive and, to date, there are no reports of serious side-effects. If you are taking other medication, you should consult with your GP or pharmacist, to check whether there could be any contraindication

When you first start taking CBD oils, you should start with a low dose, and start increasing gradually, as per our dosage guide.

Once you have decided which strength CBD oil you want to buy then you can simply choose whether you prefer to have a dropper bottle or a spray bottle. The dropper bottles are 10 ml in size and the spray bottles are 20 ml in size so you get twice as much CBD in the spray bottle as you do in the dropper bottle.

If you have any questions regarding which bottle to buy or what dosage to start on please do not hesitate to contact us.

Many thanks,

Bristol CBD HQ x

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

Recommended Daily Dosage Guide


Everyone is different; everyone’s body is different.  As a result everyone reacts to CBD differently. Some of us are naturally much more sensitive to CBD than others.

With CBD it is important to start with a small dose and build it up slowly. Discover how your body reacts to CBD for a few days before increasing the dose. Some people only need about 10mg of CBD per day, whereas others find that they might require up to 70mg per day (max daily suggested dose).

CBD Oil is twice as bio-available via the gums, than via the gut – which means that it is absorbed much better when held in the mouth for a minute. Spray or drop the CBD oil into your mouth then close your lips and apply slight suction. This boosts the absorption of the active ingredients through the mucous membrane in the mouth before swallowing.

Each of our organic CBD oils has an approximate MG count per drop / per spray associated with it:

Our 5% range of Bristol CBD oils:  

– For the 5% Bristol CBD oil dropper (small 10ml bottle), each drop from the pipette = 2.5mg CBD  

– For the 5% Bristol CBD spray (large 20ml bottle), each spray from the nozzle = 7.5mg CBD  

If using the 5% dropper bottle we would suggest starting at 6 drops per day (15mg CBD) but, after a few days, working up to somewhere between 8 and 20 drops per day.  

If using the 5% spray bottle then start with 2 sprays per day (15mg CBD) and build up to between 3 – 9 sprays per day.  

Our 10% range of Bristol CBD oils:  

– For the 10% Bristol CBD oil dropper (small 10ml bottle), each drop from the pipette = 5mg CBD  

– For the 10% Bristol CBD spray (large 20ml bottle), each spray from the nozzle = 15mg CBD.

If using the 10% dropper bottle we would suggest starting at 3-4 drops per day (15mg – 20mg CBD) but, after a few days, working up to somewhere between 4 – 14 drops per day.  

If using the 10% spray bottle then start with 1 spray per day (15mg CBD) and build up to between 1 – 4 sprays per day.  

It’s important to keep the oil in the mouth for 30 seconds to a minute and try to move the oils around the gums with the tongue so that it can get absorbed through the gum walls.  

More information on CBD can be found in our handy CBD Guide.  

If you start to feel excessively drowsy then lower the dose. If you are using other medication then you should consult with your doctor before using CBD oil.  

Please contact us if you have any questions, we’re always on hand to help guide & support our customers with expert CBD advice.   

Warm wishes,  

Bristol CBD HQ x

The Endocannabinoid System 

The Endocannabinoid System – Why Is It So Important?

We have a number of people asking us how CBD works & why it is so healthy. In short, it’s all about the ‘Endocannabinoid System’ – The Endocannabinoid System has been called ‘the most important physiologic system involved in establishing and maintaining human health’.

If nourished well, and supported with CBD Oil, it has fantastic healing potential.

In 1992, Dr. Rafael Mechulan, an Israeli scientist, discovered that the human body contains an endocannabinoid system. Our bodies create cannabinoids, which are vital in maintaining balance and homeostasis in the body. Unfortunately most of us are unable to create enough of our own cannabinoids and therefore our endocannabinoid system is out of balance.
Until hemp was prohibited alongside cannabis 100 years ago, humans had a readily available source of cannabinoids because hemp was eaten and livestock were also often fed on hemp. Post prohibition, this was largely lost.

When hemp and CBD were legalised a few years ago, many people began to take CBD and other cannabinoids extracted from hemp plants to top up their cannabinoid levels and bring more balance to their systems.

Taking CBD oil helps your body to create more of the cannabinoids that your endocannabinoid system needs to help maintain balance and wellbeing in the body.

Studies have shown that a healthy, functioning endocannabinoid system can help to:

  • Boost immune system 
  • Reduce the risk of disease
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Ease arthritic symptoms
  • Improve skin – e.g. psoriasis & eczema
  • Reduce nausea
  • Relieve muscular & joint pain
  • Alleviate depression & anxiety
  • Manage mood swings
  • Combat addictive patterns
  • Improve sleep difficulties

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