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Lab Tests

Each batch of our CBD oil is laboratory tested to see how much CBD is in the oil.

Cannabinoids are the cannabis-derived molecules that provide the main health-giving properties of a CBD product. These compounds include well-known examples like CBD and lesser known like CBG, CBC, or even the raw acid forms.

The cannabinoid profile is the most commonly offered report across all the screenings & our reports displays the cannabinoid content levels found in a given product.

From our lab tests you can determine:

  • The spectrum of a product by observing the presence of measured cannabinoids.
  • The potency of a product by observing the concentration of measured cannabinoids (often presented as percent of weight or mg/mL).
  • If a product contains non-decarboxylated raw material by observing the presence and ratios of acid forms to non-acid cannabinoid forms.

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