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Yummy Keto CBD Chocolate Recipe

If you’re anything like us at Bristol CBD HQ, then you will love Chocolate!

Following on from our recent Keto Energy Bites Recipe we have been on a real Keto / sugar-free journey…Our latest obsession is the wonderful world of Keto CBD Chocolates.

This recipe takes a few minutes to mix together, and is super versatile in terms of ingredients you can add to refine the taste. The end result is a delicious, low calorie, sugar-free Keto chocolate treat!

Winning 😇

Here are your main ingredients & instructions for the Keto CBD Chocolate Recipe (our recipe makes 6 tasty servings)

A bit more about the ingredients: 

Cacao butter: We tend to buy this in bulk as it saves us a lot of cash in the long run. You can find decent online sources to suit your budget & your taste buds!

Cacao powder: We have opted for unroasted raw cacao powder, you can find this online in bulk as well. It’s super handy to have around and can be used in so many recipes and meals.

Erythritol: A wonderful alcohol sugar with zero calories (you can learn more about this & see it in action in our recent Keto Energy Bites Recipe). Erythritol is one of the most neutral sugars out there & it doesn’t affect your carb intake.

Time to add some CBD Oil for an extra health & balancing kick:

We wanted each of the 6x chocolate bars to contain 25mg CBD, so for this recipe we used 4x whole pipettes (roughly 15 drops in each pipette) of our favourite 500mg 5% Gold Bristol CBD Oil.

This Gold CBD oil is great for cooking because it doesn’t harbour the bitter flavour of our other CBD Oils. It’s perfectly disguised in food! You can learn more about the differences between our Gold & Whole plant CBD Oils in our handy CBD Guide here

To make this Keto CBD Chocolate Recipe :

  1. Melt the Cacao butter 
  2. Add the Erythritol & the Cacao powder into your mixture (note – the Erythritol has been blended into a pure, fine, caster sugar-esque consistency to make it less grainy)
  3. Give this mixture a good stir & try to ensure it is as smooth as possible
  4. Once mixed, it’s then time to add your flavourings: 3x drops of Doterra Peppermint food grade essential oils & CBD oil
  5. We then decant the mix into some chocolate moulds
  6. Pop these in the fridge for an hour to set, and then let the snacking begin 💪🏽

It’s that simple! 

Feeling adventurous? You can tweak it by adding different essential oils, Chilli flakes, salt and / or even some nuts to meet your tastebuds! We have experimented with Vanilla essence, toasted almonds, Mandarin, Geranium & Rose. You can even add lemon or orange zest to add this crisp zesty undertone!

If you do give this gorgeous Keto CBD Chocolate recipe a spin, please let us know what you think!  Please tag us on Instagram @bristolcbd so we can see your chocs in action!




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