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Biphasic CBD. What does that mean?

CBD oils have what’s known as biphasic properties. The word ‘Biphasic’ sounds quite complex but it’s actually very simple. A biphasic compound or chemical is something which has different effects on the human body depending on the dose that you take. One analogy that we’re all probably quite familiar with is wine.

if you drink one glass of wine you might feel energised and bubbly, but after maybe three or four glasses of wine you start to feel sleepy. This is a biphasic effect. A different effect due to a different dose.

And it is the same with CBD oil.

According to the Arthritis and Rheumatism Association (ARA) in Washington, CBD can increase alertness and reduce anxiety at low doses, while at higher doses it can be quite sedating. Therefore, it may be best to use lower doses of CBD during the day and higher doses before bed.

if you’re using CBD in the morning you might want to take a small amount of CBD oil to help give you energy, focus and clarity and to help reduce anxiety. But if you’re using CBD oil to sleep, then maybe an hour before bed you would take a larger dose of CBD and that will help you to feel sleepy.

In their publication, ARA also state “Due to the beneficial effects of low doses of CBD (positive mood, less anxiety, and reduced pain), many individuals choose to microdose these chemicals which means taking low doses throughout the day rather than larger doses a few times per day.”

Understanding the biphasic qualities of CBD oil can also help you to choose the right CBD oil. If you are using CBD oil for anxiety then you may want to buy a low to medium strength CBD oil (typically 5% CBD to 10% CBD) whereas if you are using CBD oil for sleep then you may want to buy a medium to high strength CBD oil (typically 10% CBD to 20% CBD).

Broad Spectrum CBD oil
Broad Spectrum CBD oil

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