Vegan CBD Snack Bar (25mg CBD) by Nooro – with Maca & l-theanine


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Welcome to Nooro, our latest CBD partnership! Bringing you a delicious snack bar that combines clean, natural ingredients with nootropics and CBD in a vegan, gluten-free snack bar to nourish your body and fuel your flowstate! Nooro bars are a simply yummy way to get your daily CBD dose.

What are Nootropics?

From the Greek words noo for ‘mind’ and tropos meaning ‘changing,’ nootropics live up to their name by being memory or brain boosters. Nootropics are compounds that help enhance cognitive ability and function.

Nootropics have a positive effect on the brain’s performance through a variety of different methods and pathways. They are found to increase the blood flow to the brain, carrying vital nutrients, energy, and oxygen, encouraging better brain function. Both artificial and all-natural nootropics have been extensively studied to better understand their many advantages.

Nooro CBD snack bars offer a healthy dose of nootropics using only naturally nootropic-rich plants, amino acids & CBD.

About these delicious snack bars?
  • Nootropics: Maca & l-theanine give you an extra boost
  • 25mg broad spectrum CBD: A well rounded dose of CBD for balanced calm
  • Chicory root fibre: For good hut health & blood sugar levels
  • Vegan & gluten free: All of our ingredients are ethically sourced
  • Natural sugars: No additives, no nasty stuff
  • 100% natural
What flavours are available?

1. Lemon & Ginger CBD Oat Bar (45g)

An invigorating moment of natural lemon and spicy ginger….like waking up in a lemon grove, with a scrumptious spiced oat cake in your hand.

Blended with our mix of nootropics, Maca and L-Theanine, as well as 25mg of CBD, it’s a slow-burning oat snack that’ll boost brain circulation and memory while putting a lemony bounce in your boots.

No Added Sugar. Raw, Vegan + Gluten-Free.

2. Banana & Cinnamon CBD Oat Bar (45g)

A deep swell of banana and cinnamon, crunchy cacao nibs and soft, moreish oats.

Our combination of nootropics, Maca and L-Theanine, work with invigorating cinnamon to fire up your neurons while zen-finding banana and 25mg CBD create a balance of calm.

A cup of tea moment that lifts your mood, keeping your day soft and deliciously mellow.

No Added Sugar. Raw, Vegan + Gluten-Free.

3. Sour Cherry & Chocolate CBD Oat Bar (45g)

The black forest revealed its secrets to us, and we crafted them into a deep and decadent, titillatingly tangy snack bar.

Darkly sweet chocolate swirls and 25mg CBD will calm those sweet temptations, while invigorating bursts of sour cherry and our blend of nootropics, Maca and L-Theanine, focus the senses.

It’s an indulgent pause to fuel your urban jungle adventures.

Raw, Vegan + Gluten-Free.

Additional information

CBD Snack Bar Flavour

Banana & Cinnamon CBD Oat Bar, Lemon & Ginger CBD Oat Bar, Sour Cherry & Chocolate CBD Oat Bar

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