CBD Bite Cream & Insect Repellent



Introducing this fantastic CBD Bite Cream & Insect Repellent

This cream contains 14% CBD paste.

This superb healing bite cream & insect repellent has been designed to prevent and soothe all forms of insect bites, and also act as a powerful insect repellent. This fabulous cream comes packaged in a compact aluminium tin which you can easily keep in your camping & outdoor gear, as well as taking with you on your day-to-day travels. Made with essential oils that mosquitoes hate and Carrier oils that support your skin.

This cream can be massaged into your skin to help invigorate, heal and strengthen your body and can help reduce inflammation. It’s perfect to use in conjunction with taking CBD oil orally.

Ingredients: Dermis supporting base oils; Citronella, Lemongrass, Basil Essential Oils, Organic Bees Wax, Organic Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, CBD Paste.